Europe - however and wherever

Now you have the most flexible package tour by bus. You can choose from our offers already developed, or you can be the one who chooses the destinations and the duration of the trip for the group to which you belong. It's easier than ever to have a perfect holiday, to visit just what you want, although you have joined a package tour by bus and not traveling by car. You can rent the most comfortable coach in the world for a number of days, following the route chosen by you during the time chosen. Our team will be available for drawing a path that will facilitate the visit of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions in Europe according to your desires.

Through this project we are trying to break old patterns package tour bus with fixed schedule that must be followed strictly. Now, the visitation programme, accommodation and route can be fixed before departure but can be changed at any time during the trip. Dare to choose only what suits you. It is our key to a dream vacation.

Prague is a city full of sights and beautiful places

Vienna is big city with many touristic attractions.

Budapest is a city that abounds with beautiful sights

Paris is a fascinating city full of tourist attractions

We can offer:

  • Assistance in preparing the journey
  • Assistance in preparing the program of sightseeing
  • Administrative information related to sightseeing (visiting hours, access price, etc.)
  • Accredited Travel Guide
  • Comfort and safety during the journey by bus