Attractions in Romania

Want an adventure? Come with us! We offer a 12-day tourist circuit in south-eastern Europe
Lost treasures of Europe can be found still alive and untouched by the time in Romania, a
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest (before the revolution known as the House of the
Horezu Monastery is the largest of Wallachia and among the few in Europe of this scale bui
Rasnov Citadel is 15 km from Brasov city and it was built between the years 1211-1225, und
Săpânţa is a township in Maramures which hosts one of the most unique monuments from the n
The Danube is the only river in Europe that flows from West to East. It rises in Germany,
Peştera Scărişoara găzduieşte cel mai mare gheţar subteran din România, unic în Europa din
In the heart of the Carpathians, in the middle of a pine forest, shines in all respects th
8 unique examples that combine the Gothic style with traditional timber construction, rais
Este o mănăstire construită cu 525 de ani în urmă, care încă îşi păstrează picturile mural
The Blue Lake, located at the foot of Gutai Mountains, is unique in Europe because of the

You can visit:

    Archaeological remains - are numerous, valuable for both for its history, culture and civilization of our people, and for the universal values:
  • Dacian fortresses: Sarmizegetusa, Costesti and Blidaru near Hunedoara
  • Dacian-Roman fortresses: The monument Tropaeum Traiani from Adamclisi, Drobeta, where are the ruins of theTrajan's bridge, Dierna Orsova; Napoca, Potaissa (Turda)
  • medieval cities: Sighisoara, Neamt, Suceava, Curtea Veche - Princely Palace in Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Targoviste
  • peasant fortified cities: Brasov Depression, Barsa, Râşnov, Bod, Feldioara, Prejemer, Teliu Maierus
    Historical and art monuments - they reflect the assessment of the local culture and civilization, but also the influences of various cultures of the world that came into contact with:
  • monasteries of Bucovina - Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet, Humor, Putna, Arbore, Dragomirna, Neamt - Agapia, Varatec, Neamt, Oltenia - Tismana, Horezu, Govora, tails
  • churches: Black Church in Brasov, Three Hierarchs Church in Iasi; the wooden churches of Maramures Dragomiresti, Rozavlea
  • castles and palaces: Bran, Peles, Corvin, Mogosoaia, Cotroceni etc
  • monuments of art: Brancusi Sculptural Ensemble, Mărăşeşti, Chindia tower in Targoviste etc.
    Elements of ethnography and folklore - are characterized by originality, richness and variety:
  • specific folk architecture and technique: Bucovina, Moţilor Land, Maramures, Dorna Land etc.
  • artistic creation, and craft production: Horezu ceramics, Corund, Oboga ceramics, Marginea; wood processing centers, egg decoration, carpet weaving, the art of afghan;
  • customs, popular traditions: Fair of Girls on Găina Mountain, Winter Festival of customs and habits in Sighet;
  • costumes from all over the country